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From « LE POINT » Magazine

Ranking concerning THE POLYCLINIQUE DE FRANCHE-COMTE among 500 private hospitals for proctology

Year Ranking Notoriety
2005 1st 46 %
2006 2nd 48 %
2007 4th 54 %
2008 1st 69 %
2009 "le Figaro" 2nd -
2010 1st 57 %
2011 4th 54 %
2012 3rd 54 %
2013 « le Figaro » 2nd -
2013 « Le Point » 4th 55 %

From « Mutualité Française » Magazine

News about proctology surgery at the Franche Comté Polyclinic (FCP)

After 30 years of activity and training, every surgeon always tends to think that the technical gesture he is master of, is close to perfection.

Four many years , the FCP has gradually been the focus of more and more attention for the outstanding level of its proctology surgery. If we judge by the numerous press articles classifying its performances, we get an idea of its excellence.

The fact that a great number of European surgeons come to them to acquire the Iatest techniques and gesture in proctology surgery proves their competence and irreproachable technique.

A series of training sessions started on April 27th to allow proctology surgeons to acquire an innovating technique in the operations of haemorrhoids. Every month, 6 or 7 European surgeons come to the FCP and train for this technique which remains so far, the most innovating and up to date. Their objective is to get further knowledge and improve their operating techniques.

The Fantoli technique, as one has to name it, associates and modifies pre-existing techniques. It allows more complete results and healing within 3 weeks.

What’s more, this innovating technique has caught the attention of an international laboratory (Frankenman) which has released a film helping to understand the technique and make it more attractive.

Finally, a study should soon come out, aiming at validating the benefits of this innovating technique.

One should also mention that, since 2008, Dr Fantoli has done more than 1000 interventions. Let’s add that obviously, through and thanks to this practitioner, the FCP has becorne a showcase for excellent competence in proctology surgery.